Resources for Native Nations

The guide highlights four key assistance types necessary to building a stronger rural workforce:
1. Workforce development planning
2. Infrastructure and equipment financing
3. Industry and employer engagement, entrepreneurship and local business development
4. Education, training and apprenticeship

Are you interested in learning how to establish (or re-establish) an economic development agency in your community or county to support small business development and quality of life? Then watch the recording of our a conversation with Shawn Kessel, the COO and Deputy Commissioner of the North Dakota Department of Commerce!  Click HERE to access it.

Based on in-depth interviews with nine arts organizations representing various artistic disciplines, budget sizes, and geographic regions, the National Endowment for the Arts’ Office of Research & Analysis has identified common practices among arts groups that successfully have reopened their doors to audiences or visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to drawing from those interviews, the following recommendations benefited from surveys of national service organizations (NSOs) in the arts, document scans, and interviews with arts management consultants.